Friday, February 4, 2011

Energy overhaulin

Hello green friends. Today is finally the end to a long and busy week. On Feb. 3rd we came into a  new moon and its in Aquarius! For me and everyone else, this means a time of renewal and rapid intuition, which leads the way to change and growth. It is a time for you to take risks and make some new relationships. For me this blog signified change and growth in a totally new avenue. I am learning alot about technology and plain and simple spelling! LOL! I didn't realize how much I spell incorrectly! I feel change is in the air and I feel new relationships already in motion. I had a new potential "friend" ask me for a drink before Christmas. It took me 3 weeks before I saw him again and I reminded him I was still interested. Then today,  a coworker of mine ran into him and he said "what is the cute , red head with a baby's name"? I had to laugh at this, surely I told him my name? Then I thought about this....I've seen him twice now , no name and no phone number! Not so studly of me, LOL!! Well she told him my name and said to remind me of him and he'll be in to square up on that drink! Well, I guess men still do things the old fashioned way! No texts or emails for this red head! I guess I'm and oldie,(but goodie) via TT. LMAO. Well I guess I'll be taking my own advice and plunging into a new and uncharted territory! Wish this mystery red head some luck, I think I'll need it!
Think Phoenix rising.......good night, Earthmomma

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  1. this makes me laugh. :) AS IF one could forget your name. :) Especially with "that cute red hair and baby."