Saturday, February 5, 2011

Minnesota Food Co-ops

Hey y'all. Its Saturday and the White family is on their way to the Valley Natural Foods co-op in Burnsville,MN.
We are trying to hit them all and then make a decision on joining. So far we've been to Mississippi Market, St. Paul, The Wedge in Uptown, now the Burnsville Valley store. The produce is amazing! The bright greens, purples, reds, yellows, it makes me hungry thinking about it! Uncle Buck (TT) is taking his first trip with us girls this afternoon. He wants to see what all the hype is about. My favorite thing about them is of course the produce, but also the loose spice section. It makes me feel like I'm in a spice dream! Check out the websites I have posted below. Try to make a trip to one of the eleven in our State! The membership lets you shop at all 11 stores. I believe the prices are on the website. Check you all this afternoon! Earthmomma

Friday, February 4, 2011

Energy overhaulin

Hello green friends. Today is finally the end to a long and busy week. On Feb. 3rd we came into a  new moon and its in Aquarius! For me and everyone else, this means a time of renewal and rapid intuition, which leads the way to change and growth. It is a time for you to take risks and make some new relationships. For me this blog signified change and growth in a totally new avenue. I am learning alot about technology and plain and simple spelling! LOL! I didn't realize how much I spell incorrectly! I feel change is in the air and I feel new relationships already in motion. I had a new potential "friend" ask me for a drink before Christmas. It took me 3 weeks before I saw him again and I reminded him I was still interested. Then today,  a coworker of mine ran into him and he said "what is the cute , red head with a baby's name"? I had to laugh at this, surely I told him my name? Then I thought about this....I've seen him twice now , no name and no phone number! Not so studly of me, LOL!! Well she told him my name and said to remind me of him and he'll be in to square up on that drink! Well, I guess men still do things the old fashioned way! No texts or emails for this red head! I guess I'm and oldie,(but goodie) via TT. LMAO. Well I guess I'll be taking my own advice and plunging into a new and uncharted territory! Wish this mystery red head some luck, I think I'll need it!
Think Phoenix rising.......good night, Earthmomma

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Burnin the midnight oil

Hello all who dare to follow me! No, really I am glad to see I have a few who are interested in us! Thank you !!
I was so busy at work today, which is amazing, that I didn't even have time to log in. I wanted to pop on and say that if you keep your mind and intentions positive, things will eventually go your way. I feel a strong urge to keep saying and pushing this mentality. It is a mainstay in how I seem to function on a day to day. I have learned much over the last year and half. I sure wish I had been this positive the first 29 years of my life!
I have made my way onto a clients blog as well, this is super exciting!!!! Yes, I just used the word SUPER! She gets something like700 hits a day on hers, so this is wonderful for business and just for making new friends. The power of positive is AMAZING, now I know why everyone loved Ian :) On another note my deodorant is really working and actually smells wonderful. I will post all of my products on Monday night, so standby. Well friends, tomorrow is here and I need to get some zzzz's. I will be bright eyed and bushy tailed for tomorrows post! Have a wonderful evening. Earthmomma

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm Flexible

So, today I had many plans of swimming lessons (Phoebe), and then take the rug rats to Edinborough. Well, Phoebe was up all night long with runny nose, cough, etc. Not sure if its one of the million teeth popping in or if it was just that she wanted to snuggle:) Anyways, we stayed in today as well because it is frigid outside!

On topic of all of my green products, I will post the products and their content on Monday. I've been sampling them for a week and want to make sure they are legit before I post them! So, until then I will have to entertain you all with some pure and simple humor!

So a funny story unfolded today while I was not fulfilling my original plan (see above). First things first, my landlord(whom I've never met in person) I think is trying to introduce me to this man Jim. Anyways, I don't know why I get this feeling but today proved my theory possibly correct. My landlord wanted Jim to drop off some filters for my furnace. This would not be odd but I have a ton of them already. I told the landlord this and he insisted that I needed more! So, Jim called and left me a message yesterday about hooking up. I was checking my voicemail and to my surprise, Jim's voice was very sexy. Low and confident....very polite, but manly, you know..So I called him back and left a pretty direct and slightly flirtatious message for him, at the end I think I even said I could give him a haircut! A haircut! This makes me laugh! So anyways he calls back and is in the neighborhood and drops in on me without  much notice! I was however not let down by his appearance either, great package! Good going landlord whom I've never met. Come to find out he's single and has no kids, but wants them. Seems like this was a set up to me! Well, I guess I may need a push in this direction sometime. My Reiki lady says that my sexual and heart chakra at in battle with one another. This makes sense since I haven't had intimacy and or wanted it since Ian passed. Don't feel bad for me, this is all good. Its all progression! Anyways, I had a good time with these events and I hope you had a good time reading it! I'll keep you updated!
Remember to be flexible with your plans, alot can happen !!!! love, laughter, light, earth momma

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Here goes .......

Hey fellow earthlings! For those of you who know me, I will update you on my life. My daughter Phoebe is now one! We live in a house just outside of Minneapolis, MN with my bro- in- law, Tyler. I am working at Salon Ori in St. Paul, MN. As if that is not enough new info !!! This blog was created to share my new experiences and hopefully shed some light in the process.

Amongst the many challenges of day to day life, The White girls have decided to go green. I mean, REALLY green... This process is really overwhelming, but exciting as well. I have just begun to purge most of my bath and body products, as well as laundry detergents, cleaning supplies, get where I am going. Stay tuned as we go on our "green adventure".

TONIGHT....?deodorant testing begins ( this could be frightening)
(DEB, I may like my future boyfriend to be a little granola, but full-blown body odor, I guess we will see ;))