Thursday, February 3, 2011

Burnin the midnight oil

Hello all who dare to follow me! No, really I am glad to see I have a few who are interested in us! Thank you !!
I was so busy at work today, which is amazing, that I didn't even have time to log in. I wanted to pop on and say that if you keep your mind and intentions positive, things will eventually go your way. I feel a strong urge to keep saying and pushing this mentality. It is a mainstay in how I seem to function on a day to day. I have learned much over the last year and half. I sure wish I had been this positive the first 29 years of my life!
I have made my way onto a clients blog as well, this is super exciting!!!! Yes, I just used the word SUPER! She gets something like700 hits a day on hers, so this is wonderful for business and just for making new friends. The power of positive is AMAZING, now I know why everyone loved Ian :) On another note my deodorant is really working and actually smells wonderful. I will post all of my products on Monday night, so standby. Well friends, tomorrow is here and I need to get some zzzz's. I will be bright eyed and bushy tailed for tomorrows post! Have a wonderful evening. Earthmomma

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